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Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

By: Arjun Gupta and Kathan KapoorWhy carry a backpack to school when you could bring literally anything else? On December 1st, students got to show their Mustang spirit by bringing their school supplies in anything — except a backpack. From shopping carts and strollers, to trash bins and laundry hampers, the possibilities were endless! Our students’ wild creativity and imagination were on full display, as … Continue reading Not a Backpack Day at MDHS

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Holiday Candy Cane Grams

by Surabhi Arkalgud The 2021/2022 school year student government is excited to announce that we are having a Candy Cane Gram stand in front of the cafeteria from December 6th to December 9th. Each day during lunch, you can find two student government representatives at the stand in the entrance to the cafeteria. They are selling a bundle of one Christmas themed cookie, one hot … Continue reading Holiday Candy Cane Grams

MDHS Talent Show 2022!

By: Kathan Kapoor On Thursday, April 28, the Mustangs held their annual talent show! The 7-minute showcase was posted to the official MDHS YouTube channel, and has been viewed by more than 70 people. Four incredible acts were presented in the production, all of which can be viewed at your convenience by clicking the link above.  The show kicked off with Julia Langille playing Concerto … Continue reading MDHS Talent Show 2022!

Formal Friday

By: Hannah Beckford  On April 29th MD had its first ever Formal Friday! It was a roaring success! The halls were filled with people dressed in their very best for the event, but we can all agree that the karaoke was the real highlight of the day.  During lunchtime people pressed shoulder to shoulder, cheering on the singers. Energy filled the air and things became … Continue reading Formal Friday

MDHS Presents Footloose: The Musical!

By Surabhi Arkalgud The Drama Council is thrilled to announce that MDHS’s spring production of Footloose: The Musical will be opening its doors on May 25th and will continue until May 27th. The cast and crew have been working very hard to showcase the enormous amount of talent at MDHS. With singing, dancing, and everything in between, there is something for everybody to enjoy. “I … Continue reading MDHS Presents Footloose: The Musical!

Mustang’s Badminton Team qualifies for the Halton Finals!

By: Eleena Sen In the last week, the junior and senior badminton players have worked really hard and qualified for the Halton Finals! On Wednesday, April 13th the seniors played at the Velodrome to decide their final seedings and if they got to play in the Finals. Fortunately for the senior team, the following players qualified for the Halton Finals: Ethan Chew for boys singles, … Continue reading Mustang’s Badminton Team qualifies for the Halton Finals!

MD Goes Pink

By: Hannah Beckford On April 13th Milton District celebrated the Day of Pink  We wore  pink to show our support for victims of bullying and homophobia.  Day of Pink began in Berwick, Nova Scotia, in 2007 when Grade 12 students David Shepherd, Travis Price and their friends witnessed a Grade 9 student being bullied for the pink shirt they were wearing on their first day … Continue reading MD Goes Pink

Lunch Lounge

By: Eleena Sen  Lunch Lounge at Milton District has begun! Lunch Lounge is a program designed for new students to take part in various activities such as art, games and learn about community organizations. It takes place every Wednesday during lunch(from 11:00 – 11:45). Everything is provided by the program so no supplies need to be brought by students.  Students seem to be enjoying the … Continue reading Lunch Lounge

Disney Night at MD!

By: Kary Chung     Recently, the Drama Council organized their annual Disney Night! Students were dressed in their favorite Disney themed pieces and were ready to have a great time. The event was open to anyone who wished to participate and was advertised on Drama Council’s instagram (@mdhs.drama). It featured performances, games and much more. It truly was a magical night! Drama Council is one … Continue reading Disney Night at MD!

The End of the Mask Mandate at MD!

By Hamza Serieh, Kathan Kapoor and Arjun Gupta A week into this change and the face of Milton District High School is looking different. Ontario has loosened its COVID-19 health restrictions and dropped its mask mandate, but what are the Mustangs’ thoughts on this significant change that has been a part of our lives for two years? Roger Kiritharan  – How do you feel about … Continue reading The End of the Mask Mandate at MD!

MD Recognizes Anti-Bullying and Mental Health

By Arjun Gupta and Kathan Kapoor This semester, Milton District is employing new and old strategies to improve the mental health of students and make our community a better place. On February 23, Milton District honored National Pink Shirt Day, a day put aside to combat bullying in schools across Canada. Many students throughout the school participated in the event, standing against the issue and … Continue reading MD Recognizes Anti-Bullying and Mental Health