The Trea$ure Hunt: Tuition


Today it is often expected that students graduating from high school either attend university or college. In 2013, Ipsos Reid released a poll for Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada and CIBC in which 73% of high school students planned on pursuing higher education. ( However, it will cost you an outrageous amount. In Ontario alone, tuition for university is generally $5000-$9000, depending on the program. ( Add residence fees, books, and all other expenses on top of that, and the bill for a single year is quite shocking.

How is a student expected to cover such a ridiculous price tag? There are various forms of financial aid, like bursaries (awarded on the basis of financial need), grants, and loans. However, scholarships can be awarded on the basis of academic merit, community involvement, athletics, etc… There are hundreds of opportunities out there, but to make the search a little easier, here are a few options for those university bound.

The BIG Money

The Loran (

Value: $100 000

Yes, $100 000. If selected as a Loran Scholar, you will receive a renewable undergraduate award as well as a summer program and mentorship. However, on their website, the foundation says, “The Loran Scholar selection process is the most rigorous of any scholarship program in Canada.” Past winners include a student who participated in an expedition to the Arctic. BUT, do not be discouraged, if you are an excellent leader with community involvement then consider applying.

Schulich Leader Scholarships (

Value: $60 000 (2 available) for science, technology, or mathematics and $80 000 (1 available) for engineering

For those involved in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) areas of study, the Schulich may be an option. Each school can select one Schulich Leader Nominee, a student who meets the criteria of the program and is applying to at least one of the 20 selected universities. Each university then chooses two Schulich Leaders.


TD Scholarships for Community Leadership (

Value: $70 000 (20 available)

Applicants must be in their final year of high school, have a minimum 75% academic average, and be outstanding, and consistent, leaders in their community. The application process involves letters of recommendation, essays, and is open across Canada. For those intimidated by the Loran, then this TD award is a great alternative.

Scotiabank National Scholarship (

Value: $2500 (12 available)

For this scholarship the application is quite simple. Students currently enrolled or who will be enrolling in a Canadian post-secondary program must submit a 150 word essay detailing how they will fund their future. Really, its that easy, and the payoff is well worth it.

Small But Plentiful (

There are scholarships available that offer a couple thousand dollars, but the application process is far less rigorous when compared to the above awards. You may not be getting $100 000, but a little extra cash here and there might be able to help cover books. The following is a list of smaller scholarships found at

  • #ychangeisgood Scholarship- $1500 (1 available) or $200 (5 available)
  • Easy Money Scholarship- $1500 (3 available)
  • Canadian Citizenship Challenge- 2 trips to Ottawa as well as hundreds of more prizes

Sites to Consider

  • Student Awards
  • Scholarships Canada

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