Dance Team is on the SCENE


As everyone knows, MD is an ever-evolving school, constantly expanding to incorporate the many interests of our diverse group of students and teachers. This year, with the arrival of highly talented Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. Paquette, we were able to form our first ever Dance Team!

This year’s crew consists of Alexus Barning (G12), Hanna Dellaire (G11), Duha Gorgis (G9), Emma Lamoureux (G9), Chelsea Larkin (G9), Alexa Myroniw (G9), Jessica Osborne (G9), Milanna Payie (G9), Rylee Wood (G9) and Vicky Beck (G12).

As a start-up club that was created for the sheer love of dancing, there were no try-outs, so even students with no prior dance experience were able to join.

Rehearsals started in early October and ran once a week. Over the two months of mastering the choreography, the team became like a family, supporting and learning from one another. There came a time when they were itching to show off their talent to an audience of family and friends.

This inaugural MD Dance Team made their debut at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre on November 27th, at the “Creating a Scene” event, where students from middle and high schools from across Halton get together annually to showcase their incredible dance, dramatic, and improv skills.

This year’s contribution was a fusion of jazz and hip hop to Usher’s song, “More”. The premise was that they were part of an underground street dance crew in New York City, conveyed by their funky neon costumes. The number began with the dancers coming to life from the walls, where they were human graffiti. (Yes, that was genius.)

Sorry you missed out on the fun? Not to worry! The team resumes practice in February of semester two and would love to welcome you as part of their expansion.

Remember, there are no tryouts and anyone is welcome to be a part of the squad – no matter what your experience!

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