Chain of Kindness


Chain of Kindness (and other Anti-bullying events) Nov. 17-21


For the second year in a row, the MDHS community, lead by the Students Unite / INTERACT club, rallied together to raise awareness around the effects of bullying and held daily events to help build the positive atmosphere that is necessary to reduce it.



Each student in the school was given a piece of paper and invited to write a kind thought.  Students wrote everything from “Good vibes to you” to “everyone deserves kindness”.


These were made into a giant chain, inspired by Rachel’s Challenge ( to honour the student who was killed tragically by two students who were themselves victims of bullying. The chain hangs in the school to remind people of the power of kind thoughts.


Other events included a school banner, an anti-cyberbullying campaign and a ‘feel-good’ sticky note on everyone’s locker.

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