December Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to Adeen Farooq (grade 9, junior boys basketball) & Sara Rohr (grade 9, junior girls volleyball) who are December’s Athletes of the Month.


Adeen Farooq:

As a starting grade 9 on the junior basketball team, Adeen’s athleticism, talent, leadership and sportsmanship have played a huge role in the team’s 5-1 record so far during the regular season. He is leading the team on offense, scoring over 120 points during the 6 regular season games. Congratulations Adeen!


Sara Rohr:

Sara Rohr is an outstanding all around player who is the ultimate team player and displays excellent talent. She is always positive and gives 100% effort in all game and practice situations. As a grade 9 on the junior volleyball team, she leads the team in hits and passing accuracy, while making the fewest mistakes. The team is 4-1 in the regular season so far. Way to go Sara!

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