Holiday Candycane Grams


It’s (almost) that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner and in spirit of this joyful time of year, Students Unite/INTERACT sold delicious candycane grams for three days. Anyone wanting to sweeten someone’s day wrote a personal note which was attached to a candy cane and delivered to the recipient’s period one class on Wednesday, December 17.


Grade 12 student, Mustafa Mirza, helped persuade students to buy almost 200 of the treats, by covering himself in the candy grams.  Check out the sweet pic (pun intended) below!


Not only will the Candycanes add a little bit a of sugar in someone’s day, but also $60 of the proceeds will be donated to the The Dale, a community in Parkdale that supports marginalized people. Every year, students from MD help to feed a hot meal to close to 200 people from the Parkdale Community.  It only costs $60 to sponsor the meal, because of the magic worked by the staff and volunteers at the Dale, and all the support they get from Second Harvest.


You can find out more about The Dale here:

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