Last year’s national IMPROV contenders got off to a shaky start when the beloved Mrs. Graham, supervisor and coach, had a bad fall at the beginning of the school year. Poor Mrs. Graham shattered both her elbows and broke one of her wrists. Luckily, she has been able to visit the team and is on her way to a full recovery.

Not to give up easily, the team rallied to find replacements and keep on going. Ms. Gleeson helped the team prepare for their “Empowering the Bystander” appearances in October.  Mr. Hicks has been helping with regular rehearsals, and former member, Sydney Crowe, has filled in as coach.

Returning members (Brittney Marvel, Kevin Clark, Kyle Chaudhry, Callum Fisher, Olivia Hill, and Charlotte Ayaz) managed to pull together and keep a positive attitude. They welcomed newcomers, Jessika Johnson and Jen Foster and have been working harder than ever.

As much as the team misses their old members (Aislinn Fisher, Jennifer Gerrard and Dylan D’Alassandro) they are more than excited to have new recruits. “The old members leaving makes room for the new members, and also makes room for the older members to grow,” Brittany Marvel, the team’s captain, commented.


Better brush up on your gibberish because the team will be trying out a new style this year. The group is very excited as they plan on impersonating the video game of Sims to add a bit of a twist to this season.


The atmosphere the team brings is very light and welcoming. Sydney Crowe said, “It’s about finding a new energy each year. We never have the same team twice and that’s what makes it so fun.”


There is much to look forward to this season for the improv team. Next month the team will be hosting the MDHS talent show. In second semester, prepare for the grade 11 improv class and Improvaganza coming up sometime in the new year.


The team has high hopes of returning to the Canadian Improv Games where they placed fifth best team in ALL of Canada last season.


The best news?  Mrs. Graham is healing beautifully and plans to return (fingers crossed) for second semester, just as the competition season heats up!

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