Running With Emily (all the way to OFSAA)


While everyone was here at school or at home, Emily Wesseling was out competing at GHAC. After a hard and fulfilling run at GHAC Emily qualified for OFSAA on November 1. After many, many, MANY hours of training she finished the race in an extraordinary 21st spot out of 298 other runners.

Emily is positively an amazing and talented runner and student. She balances running and school with a positive attitude. But how did she get so good? Emily not only trains with the school but she also trains outside the school with Speed River Track Club in Guelph. Between training in school, at the club, and her own time she says she trains an impressive 5 to 7 hours a week, while also keeping her grades above average. (Way above!)

When asked what she likes most about running she replied “my favourite part is once you finish the race you realize you’re done and all the hard work paid off.” She says she is also going to continue running next year and after high school as well as she explains “I don’t know why I’d stop.”

I mean, why would you stop when you have competed and finished an OFSAA race in the top 10% through terrible watery weather in Waterloo? How much fun was snow, mud and rain all in one race? Through not knowing if Emily was going to slip or not, she kept on pushing her body to the limit throughout the entire race.

GREAT job Emily Wesseling and keep up the amazing work!

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