Are You in Tune… with Zach Boswell?



Make sure to listen for Zach Boswell! He is a grade 12 student at Milton District High School who has always had a burning passion for music and is a star in the making.

For someone who only took guitar lessons for two years and has never taken any vocal classes, it is clear that music just comes naturally to him.

At school (his musical laboratory), the incredibly talented musician and singer/songwriter is a member of the funk band, jazz band, a capella group, and performs at the annual talent shows.

Boswell explained that over the summer, thanks to funding from the music audio production technologies SHSM (specialist high skills major) program, he helped build a studio at the school. He noted that it’s great because it, “lets me record my own songs whenever I can.”

So what IS his “sound” exactly? Boswell cites Ben Howard, Matt Corby and Ed Sheeran among artists that have influenced him. He stated that with his tunes, he tries to, “keep an open mind when writing by doing my own thing. But definitely parts of other artists come out in my songs.”

The musically inclined senior discussed some of his long-term plans. He said that the, “goal is to keep writing and recording my own songs to see where I can get with that.” However, he is ultimately looking at a college or university for music production. Boswell included that the programs he applied to are all highly competitive, especially the one at Western University.

Zach went on to explain how much music means to him and how it would be a dream-come-true if he could become successful and make a living creating music.

“Either way, I know it will be a big part of my life.”

With much support from family and friends, along with an impressive natural ability, it looks like Zach Boswell won’t have much treble making an impact in the music industry.

Stay in tune by listening to Zach Boswell’s original song:

Wrong Kinds of Me

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Zach Boswell

Grade 12

Milton District High School

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