Another Great Year for MD Talent


image On Thursday, January 8th the Student Parliament at Milton District High School held their first, of a potential two, talent shows this year. Luckily,  the winter weather didn’t stop anyone from coming out this time. The audience enjoyed 14 acts ranging from singing to dance and was reminded of the incredible talent MD has to offer.


The Improv Team hosted the event and incorporated clever acts prior to every performance. They also had  an introductory and concluding skit. Like last year, the team  garnered many laughs from the audience and added a unique spin to the show.

The Eco Club also offered snacks during the intermission.

Often, singing is the main component for such talent events. However,  this year the evening presented quite the range of talents. Some of them included: a beatboxer (pictured right), a juggling performance, an instrumental of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”, and The Milton District’s Dance Team (pictured left). Seeing such diversity was a welcoming surprise and a further testament to the cultured community of Milton District High School. Seemingly, it was a great start to the year and the Winter Talent Show was a resounding success. Hopefully we’ll see more acts like this in the spring.



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