Former students, Col. Chris Hadfield (yes, the astronaut) and Jason Earl, MD Class of 2012 (second from left) met at Bishop’s University in March.

Two MD Grads Connect at Bishop’s University.


Milton District students are clearly making a name for themselves!

Jason Earl, the 2012 valedictorian of Milton District High School and student trustee for two years, recently met another MD graduate, Col. Chris Hadfield at Bishop’s University.

Jason is currently completing his Bachelor of Arts in Education with a double major in Social Studies and Secondary Education. Chris Hadfield took the time to meet a number of students at a reception for the Donald Lecture Series. Unfortunately, they were not able to discuss their high school careers which even Jason said would have been, “an enriching experience”.

Col. Chris Hadfield spoke about personal success and his approach for navigating towards it. One of the key messages our past student emphasized on during his speech was setting an ultimate goal. The question Col. Hadfield left for his listeners was, “Will this choice help me get closer to achieving my goal?” Col. Hadfield wrapped everything up with a live performance on his acoustic guitar.

It was, “truly a pleasure to witness Col. Hadfield in action,” for Jason, who had a front row seat to the event.

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