Mt. Vesuvius and Hobbit Huts (Italy and Greece, part 3) (the adventures of the MDHS March Break trip to Italy and Greece, cont’d)

On the way to their next destination, the group stopped at the quaint town of Alberobello. A designated UNESCO World Heritage site, Alberobello features small homes with unique conical roofs made of stone. Although some doorways were less than six feet tall, the students squeezed into the many pasta and leather shops situated in the town, interacting with the friendly inhabitants. After a relaxing few hours at the site of these Hobbit-sized huts, the group moved onwards to catch a ferry to the ancient lands of Greece.


After the beauty of Capri and Sorrento, the MD Italy and Greece March Break Group travelled to Pompeii, the location of the infamous and destructive volcano, Mt. Vesuvius. At Pompeii, the group walked along streets that once featured chariots and toga-clad civilians. After the nearby volcano erupted hundreds of years ago, the city of Pompeii was covered in a thick layer of ash which preserved the site for centuries. As a result, when the area was rediscovered, many artifacts were beautifully preserved, including the notorious ancient brothels and people who had perished in the volcanic eruption.


Today, Pompeii remains an incredible site with buildings still largely intact. Along the streets, the students of Milton District saw chariot tracks worn into the cobblestones as well as ancient frescoes and exquisite mosaics.

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