The Land of Giant Lemons (Italy, part two) (the adventures of the MDHS March Break trip to Italy and Greece, cont’d)


Leaving the ruins and gelato of Rome behind, the Milton District High School Italy and Greece Tour Group travelled by bus to the city of Naples. There, they hopped on a hydrofoil and journeyed to the beautiful island of Capri. Although the sea air was a little chilly, the 32 students and five chaperones still marvelled at the beauty of the island escape, a popular vacation destination for many celebrities. Walking along the narrow streets and avoiding zipping scooters, the group lived a few hours in the life of the small town. Surrounded by cliffs, the students were also able to travel by gondola to the top of a bordering mountain. There, they were met by an incredible sea side view encompassing the entire island. Soon, however, they were off to their next destination, the nearby region of Sorrento.


Both Capri and Sorrento are famous for lemons, some even the size of footballs, and the tour group saw many citrus trees as they arrived at their next destination. Similar to Capri, Sorrento is a small, cliffside town that is the epitome of Italian charm. After climbing multiple stairs from the water to the top of the mountain, the students lost themselves in the quirky streets and eccentric gift shops, only to be ushered away a few hours later to their hotel for a good night’s sleep. The next day, they would be venturing to the legendary site of Pompeii and the treacherous Mt. Vesuvius.


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