“It’s the Principal of the Thing”


As we reach the middle of the end of the 2015 year, Mr. Caughlin has some pearls of wisdom and motivation to carry the entire MDHS family to the end. Midterms are out on the 21st of April and it is the season of celebrations, and for Mr. C, this is the end of his third year as the Principal of Milton District High School. He is “extremely proud of all that is happening here.”

While MDHS is an incredible school, there is always room for improvement. Mr. Caughlin’s current project is increasing the communication at the school and with the outside community. Many social media outlets have become available, including the new twitter, which Mr. Caughlin proudly stated “is nearing 200 followers!”

When asked if he had anything to say as we near the end of the semester, Mr. Caughlin had only one answer; “It’s not the end of the semester just yet, we are only halfway through.” We Mustangs have weathered the winter together, but now that the sun is shining it doesn’t mean we can slack off. Each Mustang needs to keep aiming to do their best so the entire herd can have a “strong ride to the finish.”

MDHS is a “true community school, which is hard to describe to someone who hasn’t been there.” Students and staff continue to do incredible things.What I found the most relevant piece of wisdom for us students, was to “follow our passions and not be afraid when they change, because they will.” All staff is fully supportive of students following their dreams and are trying to help us achieve them. According to Mr.Caughlin, “there’s really nothing like MD,” and he is absolutely right.

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