Award-winning Author Returns to MD



Author Anitha Robinson (pictured right).

On Wednesday, April 22, the Grade 12 EWC (Writer’s Craft) class received a visit from a very exciting guest. Anitha Robinson, the local author of the award winning young adult novel, Broken Worlds, sat down to discuss the first two chapters of her latest book, the sequel to her debut. Ms Robinson had visited Milton District before to perform a similar activity with the first semester EWC class, in which students were able to read an excerpt from her first novel and discuss the writing with the author.

This semester, on Monday every student was given a copy of the manuscript to read and critique for Ms. Robinson, then on Wednesday the class spent the duration of the period discussing the novel and providing comments for the writer. It was an incredible opportunity for everyone involved, as the budding EWC artists were able to analyze the piece using what they had learned in class, while Ms. Robinson received an extensive array of feedback for her story. It was a wonderful experience, and hopefully the tradition can continue for many years to come.


The first semester EWC class. 


The second semester EWC class.

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