Social Justice SHSM to Ottawa


Photos courtesy of J. Newman.

Members of Milton District’s Social Justice SHSM. 

On April 27, students in the Social Justice SHSM had the opportunity to take a short but sweet excursion to the nation’s capital, along with dedicated teachers Ms Kahn and Mr. Newman.

There was not much time to fully experience Ottawa, but the group still took advantage of their first night to shop in the impressive Rideau Centre and explore the diverse Byward Market. They then had a well-deserved rest in preparation for the fast paced day to follow.

The next morning, dressed in Milton District’s signature red vests, the group made their way to the Canadian War Museum. The students took advantage of the many interactive exhibits, as well as the opportunity to chat with war veterans who volunteer at the museum. The group then attended the “Ambassadors of Change” conference, organized by The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem. Over the course of the hour, Holocaust survivors recounted their stories of bravery and horror, and then led discussions on how their experiences could apply to today’s society. The survivors truly made an impact on the students, making them reflect on the ways in which young people can make sure that a tragedy like the Holocaust will never reoccur.


Students talking to a war veteran.

The ceremony and the forum were a solemn reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust, but also the strength of the human spirit and its ability to triumph over tragedy. The students of Milton District returned from their trip with a more personal perspective on World War II, and a new found insight on the power they have in influencing societal change.


Students laying yellow roses in front of the Menorah.


Some of the political dignitaries attending the Holocaust memorial, including Elizabeth May, Justin Trudeau, and Thomas Mulcair.

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