Eco Cafe 2015


This year’s Eco-Cafe hosted by the Eco Club on Thursday the 14th of May was a great success! Held in the cafeteria from 6.00 to 7.30p.m., all those who made it had a great time. The Eco Club delivered on their promise to provide technology-free fun for everyone.

With the challenge of providing one hour of quality “unplugged time” to our generation of tech addicts, the Eco Club had board games and cards for entertainment.

Delicious snacks made by Eco Club members were enjoyed by all. The gift baskets were a hit for the participants who won and also for the volunteers who got to go to shop for them! Three door prizes included gifts from The Body Shop and Ardenne; everyone wanted to win one. Live music by some of the students added to the great environment. It was a night of fun with friends and everyone who came really enjoyed themselves.


Students playing card games- no electronics needed!


The door prizes.


Students playing an intense game of foosball. Photos courtesy of N. Jaffary.

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