Grade 8 Day at MDHS



A screenshot from the exciting MDHS Lip Dub 2015.

In April, Mrs. MacIntyre and Mrs. Saliba organized  a visit for the Grade 8 students considering MD as their future school. Students from different schools such as P.L. Robertson and Escarpment View were invited to see MD and discover the school through a fun scavenger hunt.

In 24 teams, each team guided by two leaders, the groups had to find letters hidden all over the school based on clues provided by the organizers. The letters made a sentence that the group had to figure out, and the first team to do so won MD merchandise (T-shirts and water bottles). The sentence made at the end was “This is Mustang Nation!”.

The Lip Dub for 2015 was shown to the grade eights in the beginning to tell them about all the different clubs running in the school. You can see the full lip dub here.

After the scavenger hunt finished, everyone played games such as charades and numbers in the gym until the leaders served snacks and refreshments.

It was a great opportunity for the grade 8 students to see all that MD has to offer! Special thank to Mrs. MacIntyre and Mrs. Saliba for organizing such a great day!

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