Mission Improvible: A Night of Fun, Games, and George Bush


Photos courtesy of C. Abes.


On Friday, June 12, MD’s first ever improv class put on a spectacular show for their summative.

Refereed by alumni Ryan Devries and Greg Fox, the night ran like an actual improv competition- filled with life, character, story, style, and theme events. There was also a couple of rounds of Freeze with help from MDHS’ improv team, resulting in endless laughter from the audience and the reappearance of crowd favourite George W. Bush (played by improv veteran Callum Fisher), after his well-received introduction at last month’s talent show.

The class was split into two teams- the Hotobots and Team Cruise- who both did extremely well, even in the face of a full house. The students embraced the stage without hesitation, proving how improv can allow anyone to find their outgoing side. Congratulations to Ms Graham and her class on a successful semester!


The Hotobots.


Team Cruise.


The improv team in their George Bush scene.

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