Eco Day at the Beach



Photos courtesy of N. Jaffary.

If you’re looking to go green this year, consider joining the Eco Club and helping make the planet better.  You will do great activities all year and you can look forward to spending lots of time outside.


Mme. Paroyan, the organizer of the trip who runs the Eco Club. 

Last June the Eco Club went for a hike at Kelso Beach to celebrate the amazing work they had done throughout the school year. About ten students were able to be a part of  the scenic hike that Madame Paroyan organized for the very last eco-meeting of this year. The students proudly wore their eco shirts and took lots of pictures. They had taken along snacks and refreshments to enjoy their trip. Adams Liu (Grade 12)  said, “Great Afternoon for our FINAL ECO Gathering! It was a great trip and a wonderful year!”. Shahzeb Lotey (Grade 11), made it clear that he was going to be a part of the Eco-Club next year by saying “”Eco is love, Eco is life”.

Join the Eco Club this year and be a part of the amazing experience! The first meeting was Monday the 21st after school; listen to the announcements to hear about the next one!

Gain volunteer hours and be a part of the MD’s Green Team!

Also follow @MD_EcoClub on twitter!


A beautiful view of the escarpment. 

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