Teacher Appreciation Day Hosted by Students Unite INTERACT


Students Unite.

On Friday October 2, teachers arriving at 7 a.m. onward were greeted by smiling, enthusiastic members of Students Unite Interact who shouted “Happy Teacher Appreciation Day” to each and every new arrival.


Teachers enjoyed a breakfast buffet.

As if that wasn’t enough to make the teachers’ day, there was a delicious breakfast waiting consisting of Mrs. Matthews’ quiche (the best on earth), eggs, scones and breads from Cobbs, coffee from Starbucks, yogurt, fruit and so much more.


The teachers found a pleasant surprise in their mailboxes this morning- positive messages from MD students!

Could it get even better? YES!  When the teachers checked their mailboxes, they found colourful notes full of compliments and gratitude written by students.  The teachers were overwhelmed and touched, and truly grateful to the team of Students Unite Interact and Ms Nuqi and Mrs. Matthews.

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