University Fair Review



Photos courtesy of H. Taylor-Singh.

On Friday, September 25th, a handful of MD’s grade twelves gathered on a school bus to travel to downtown Toronto to visit the annual Ontario Universities’ Fair. It was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and featured all 21 of the universities in Ontario, from Ryerson University to the University of Waterloo. The lines were long; the fair was packed, and breathing room was scarce, but it was informative and definitely worth it. Everyone received a complimentary tote bag (reuseable I might add) to pile in pamphlets and viewbooks gathered during the fair as well. The fair was open from September 25th-September 27th, but if you missed it, don’t panic! MDHS will be hosting representatives from the majority of the universities featured at the fair for a more personal setting. Check Guidance for details!


The Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


The crowd of students.

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