House of Readers



The House of Readers display in the library of the school. Photo courtesy of C. Ayaz.

In 2015, it seems that nerds are ruling the world – just check tumblr! Recently, our school has picked up on this trend as well, and Milton District is proud to present our very own book club. House of Readers, as it is officially called, currently has twenty members and is always accepting new readers.

With soon-to-come weekly discussions, monthly after school meetings, and a wide range of books (a new selection every month), House of Readers is the perfect place for connecting with other readers, discussing books, and discovering new material. There will even be a Wattpad and graphic novel month! The club has also gone online, with an official tumblr at and an official instagram page at @houseofreaders. Whether you’re a member of the club or simply an avid reader, you’re welcome to follow the blogs for updates, recommendations, and discussion questions. Speak to Mrs. Carson (our incredible librarian) for more details on future meetings.

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