Raechel Fisher


Hi, I am Raechel Fisher and I graduated from Milton District in 2012. It’s hard to believe that was four years ago, but what an incredible four years it has been. Since my days at MD, I went on to study theatre at York University and then continued in the Acting Conservatory from my second year onward. For anyone wanting to learn about theatre, I recommend it! In my final year I am performing in three main stage shows as part of the university, our first being Cloud Nine by Caryl Churchill. It’s incredibly exciting as I work towards the end of my years at University, and get ready for the big leap to the real world.

My advice to you is to love endlessly and to be as magnanimous as possible towards others, towards the world, and most importantly towards yourself. You are not your grades; you are not your mistakes. You are what you take from what you learn, and how you fix your mistakes. Be open. It’s okay to change your mind fifty thousand times about who you are, what you wanna do, and who you wanna love. It’s okay that you don’t know what you want to be right now, but it helps to know what you want to try first. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and beware of those who look for the worst. If you don’t like where you are but can’t fly away just yet, find a reason to stay. If you’re not happy or satisfied, the only person who can change that is YOU. No one else. Period. But above all, breathe. High school’s rough and a lot happens. But your life goes on after high school and it will continue to go on past whatever heartbreak and pain you face. You will love again; if not today, then always tomorrow. You will never be what you expect, but that’s half the fun. There is a whole different person waiting for you out there. Just remember to breathe.

From Mark Saunders to Chris Hadfield, you might be surprised to learn who has come through MD, and where they are now!

Were YOU at MD? We welcome all updates to share here.  Please include your full name, years at MD, a photo, update, and any advice you can share with our current community here. Submit to gleesona@hdsb.ca.

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