Wilderness North Interviews with Grade 10s



A scenic shot to remember. 

Every year the MDHS grade ten class goes away for several days to explore the wonderful outdoors at Wilderness North. The students participate in various activities where they learn outdoor skills and make new friends during their stay. From canoeing to climbing high ropes, this is definitely a trip to remember! We sat down with four Grade Tens to discuss it all.

Q: Tell us a bit about your experience at Wilderness North

A: It was a lot of fun and a great social experience. We made lots of friends and met a lot of new people and learned new things.

Q: How did you spend your time at Wilderness North?

A: There were many different activities and all of them were amusing. The high ropes were scary, but it was still fun. The people were very reassuring and helped us out when we needed it.

Q: What did you learn during this experience that made a significant difference in your life?

A: We learned how to build up our confidence and create trust with each other.

Q: What would you teach others about this trip?

A: This was the best experience of our lives. The only thing you’ll ever regret is not going!

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