Excellence Night



The keynote speaker, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, with Mr. Caughlin and Students of Excellence, Jake Kimmerer and Drew Durante.

On the evening of Thursday October 15th, 2015, the many well dressed scholars of MD gathered for Excellence Night to celebrate their academic achievements in the past year. Excellence Night, all you may all know, is an annual event that commemorates the hard work and effort that goes into the mass of English essays and math homework each year. Certificates were presented to the many students who achieved an average of 80% and above, and winners of special awards and scholarships were announced.


Scholarship sponsor, Dr Manish Aggarwal, with Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders.

Highlights of the evening also included a truly inspiring speech made by the keynote speaker for the evening, MDHS class of ‘82 alumni and Toronto Police Chief, Mark Saunders. He spoke about how high school is in fact, very much like the outside world. Your classmates become your co-workers; your group work becomes projects accomplished in teams; your success path is determined by hard work and good planning. Having risen to the top law enforcement job in the country, his advice was well received.

This was followed by performances by the Senior Concert band, conducted by Mr Maule. In addition to the processional and national anthem, they delivered a major throwback to the 1973 James Bond movie with an arrangement of ‘Live and Let Die’.

As usual, the night was a huge success (and a great opportunity to bring out those fancy shoes sitting in the closet). Congratulations to all the students who made honor roll, and good luck this year as well!

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