Citizenship Ceremony



The afternoon of October 15th, 2015, thirty people stood side by side and took the Oath of Citizenship that officially made them Canadian. Hosted at our school for the first time, the Citizenship Ceremony was presided over by Judge Persichilli, who made a humorous but very moving speech about what it really means to be Canadian, talking about his own experiences as a person of Italian origin.

As he said, it’s not about which soccer team you cheer for in the World Cup, or what types of food you eat. It’s about embracing the sense of community Canada is known for and cherishes, and upholding the principles that we as a country value. His speech inspired both laughter and introspection, making an already meaningful ceremony unforgettable for both the new Canadians and audience present.


Official documents being given and received.


Mayor of Milton, Gordon Krantz, making a speech about the youth and future of Canada.


The Senior Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Maule.

As part of the ceremony, the new citizens concluded the event with the singing of the National Anthem; their first as official Canadians. They were accompanied instrumentally by the Senior Concert band, and vocally by music and Audio Production SHSM student Danielle Chan-DiFrancesco. It signified the beginning of a new journey for thirty Canadians, and we wish them well as they embark on this fresh chapter of their life!

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