Mr. C’s Hot Seat



Recently a group of students sat down with MD’s very own principal, Mr. Caughlin and asked him some intriguing questions.

Q: What’s your favourite word and why?

A: My favourite word is actually on a book in this room. I’d say it’s my favourite word because I use it a lot. The word is “awesome”. It’s got a great and positive meaning

Q: If you weren’t the principal what would you be?

A: That’s a tough one because I just like being a principal. But, if I had to choose, if would go back to being a teacher or something to do with tourism.

Q: How did you get into education?

A: I actually tell this story a lot. My two brothers and my aunt are all teachers, and my mom was a nurse. I first thought I should be a doctor so I went to pre-med school for a year. I absolutely hated it. So, I switched into mechanical engineering, which my mother recommended. After I got into that, I moved from Alberta to here, and did a few years of work in the industry. Later on, my friend recommended me to be a temporary teacher in the same subject, and I learned that I really liked teaching, so I went to Queen’s, got my degree and made teaching my full time job. And, the rest is history.

Thanks Mr. Caughlin! We’ll talk again soon!

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