High School Impression


We all have our ‘first days’. First days of work, clubs and school. The first day of high school is a very important one. This year’s grade 9s are being asked to talk about their first impression of their first day.

Saher Shaikh has chosen to share her experience.


Saher Shaikh.

“Before I came to high school, I thought I would get lost and would’ve not made friends. Now that we are in high school I learned that’s it’s not as intimidating as you make it. People are really nice and I didn’t get lost! I would say that it is better than elementary school due to the freedom we have. All the teachers are really nice and so are the people in it.”


“For several days, it took me a while to find my art classroom. I had entered the wrong classroom, many times, until I found it. It took me a while to get used to it.”

High school is all about getting used to, even if it takes longer than it should. The transition can be difficult, but eventually, we all learn where we belong.

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