Music Workshop with Composer Samuel Hazo



Samuel R. Hazo demonstrating his skill on the piano.

On the morning of November 5th, members of the Senior Concert Band and music class bussed to T.A. Blakelock High School in Oakville to attend a music workshop led by the acclaimed American composer Samuel R. Hazo.

A lengthy band rehearsal of over three hours saw the Blakelock Senior Winds working with Hazo to perfect their performance of “Sevens”, a piece composed by Hazo himself. This song, along with other works, were prepared for a performance later that evening featuring The Blakelock Senior Winds, their Varsity Choir, and Craig Kielburger’s Concert Choir.

During the rehearsal Hazo wowed the students with his skill, expertise, and musicality, imparting invaluable tips and tricks to the young musicians. His dynamic personality kept the students engaged throughout the morning, and he explained his inspirations for “Sevens” through quirky impersonations and anecdotes. For the Milton District Senior Band members, who are also working on own interpretation of the song, this was an extremely  incredible and constructive opportunity.


Samuel R. Hazo with Senior Concert Band conductor, Mr Maule.

The attentive band members, having soaked up all this information, are ready to put it to use and work hard to perfect their own performance of Sevens. Good luck to our musical Mustangs!

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