ECO Week at MDHS


Last week, MD’s Green Team promoted Eco Awareness Week in the school Every morning there were inspirational quotes provided by the creative minds at Eco Club during the announcements about the importance of being environmentally conscious.

During Periods 3 and 4 volunteers from Grade 12 and 9 educated students about proper waste disposal and rewarded them with delicious candy! The project was a huge success and many students were glad to be a part of the learning process. As always there was an emphasis on recycling and composting materials instead of simply throwing everything in the trash.


Grade 12 students learn the importance of waste management!

Volunteers also went around the school placing new and improved Recycling and Composting information in every class to encourage the Three Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Way to go Mustangs, keep up the hard work!


Celebrating success with Madame Paroyan! 

Photos courtesy of S. Lotey and J. Ali

Help creates a better future! Come join the Eco Club Mondays, after school in room 110!

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