Teacher Feature: Mrs. MacIntyre

Hey Mustangs!

This “Teacher Feature” is to help you create a stronger bond with your teacher and see the school through their eyes! To kick-off this feature we have Mrs.Macintyre sharing her insights.


Q:Why did you become a teacher?

A: Since I was a high school student I have wanted to be a teacher.  I cannot remember wanting to do anything else.  I coached for many years and after taking the grade 11 Leadership and Peer Support class I knew that I would be happy in life doing something I loved; teaching! It wasn’t easy becoming a teacher. It was a lot harder than I originally expected, but worth the effort, and I consider myself extremely lucky to teach at a school as great as MD and have a supportive teaching staff that helps me every day.

Q: Has working at MD been everything you expected at the start of your career?

A: I started at MDHS with Mr. Pearce when I was in teacher’s college.  I was connected with Mr. Pearce to complete my student teaching at the secondary level.  Milton has a great community, and felt like I was a part of the family here very quickly.  I think that is why so many graduated students come back to teach here.  Although I didn’t attend MD for high school (actually, the Mustangs were my high school’s greatest rivals), I now feel like MDHS is my home.

Q: What are some major changes have you witnessed at MD over the last few years?

A: I have noticed the growing rate of technology.  Although I am not a huge fan of technology and cell phone use in the classroom, I am coming around to it.  Trying my best to stay on top of it all.  But great things have started because of technology, like “Scene and Herd”.  Without technology it may not be accessed as regularly.The website, twitter, instagram, etc. keeps everyone in the loop as to what is going on here, and there is always so much going on every day that technology is a great resource.

Q: Which class is your absolute favourite to teach? Why?

A: My favorite class to teach is the NBE 3U- Contemporary Aboriginal Voices, because there is always new material and resources to use and topics that relate to the learning can be found in newspaper headlines daily.  It is always a great experience when I can learn with the students.  And I am not an expert in the history of Indigenous people of Canada, but since this course started three years ago, I am much more aware and thankful that we are one of very few schools that offer this course.

Q: Any advice for your students?

A: My advice to all students is, “do your best, because in the end, you are in control of everything that happens in your life”.  As a teenager, I would make excuses and blame others for a lack of my own ability or just plain old laziness, but in the real world (workplace, university/college, apprenticeships, family etc.) the excuses don’t matter; you just have to accept mistakes that were made and push forward.  Maybe learn something along the way!

Q: Any insight you would like to share?

A: MDHS is a pretty amazing school, and I think we have some incredible staff members, so get involved because school is what you make of it.

Thank you so much for your tireless dedication and hard work Mrs. MacIntyre, MD is lucky to have you!

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