Anitha Robinson visits Writer’s Craft



On Thursday, November 5, Ms Gleeson’s EWC4U was visited by Anitha Robinson, author of Broken Worlds. Over the course of the period Ms Robinson answered the young writers’ questions enthusiastically, providing techniques for completing a story, and even insider tips on getting it published. She also provided helpful advice on the obstacles writers face, such as finding story inspiration, conquering writer’s block, and focusing the plot on one idea.

Ms Robinson’s writing journey is especially interesting; what started as a nightmare eventually snowballed into her first novel, Broken Worlds. She recently finished the second installment in what will become a young adult trilogy and is currently working on a middle-grade novel about endangered animals. In her other life, she is a mother and an accountant.

The Writer’s Craft class, currently writing their own short stories, appreciated the opportunity to speak to someone who has found success as an author. Her insight truly engaged and inspired.

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