A look at Student Parliament!



Photo courtesy of MDHS Facebook page: facebook.com/miltondistrict

This year we have two amazing new leaders of Student Parliament; Natalie Woodland (Grade 11) as Prime Minister and Muqtasid Mansoor (Grade 10) as Deputy Prime Minister!

Here are a few questions answered so that you get to know your school leaders!

  1. Why did you join Student Parliament?

Natalie: Student parliament is the place for me because I would love for MD to be as great and fun as possible. Through student parliament I am able to voice not only my opinions and ideas but those of my peers as well and together we can help make MD a very spirited school!

Muqtasid: I joined because I’ve always had a passion for Student Voice and I want to be part of ensuring that the kids, my fellow students, at Milton District have a say in what happens here. As we say, “It’s not about the horse, it’s about the herd”. Being a school leader doesn’t mean doing things the way you want, rather it means doing things the way that’s best for the school and everyone in it!

2. What is your goal for this semester?

Natalie: There are so many goals that I would love to achieve this semester but in particular making sure that there are many interactive activities for students. Things like this would include increasing participation is various events and having more events like “Wii Wednesday”!

Muqtasid: The biggest goal we have right now is to do things that people, the student body of Milton District, will be interested in. We want to take student feedback (send us a Direct Message @miltonmustangs on Twitter!) and act upon it so the people we represent have a say in what goes on at our school.

3. Any challenges you faced after being elected?

Natalie: After being elected I faced a few challenges but that was all to be expected. A lot more pressure was put on Muqtasid and I, as we are now the leaders for many events. All of the planning and organizing also consumes a large amount of time so we must be sure to manage it effectively. Despite the challenges they are all well worth it!

Muqtasid: As with any leadership position there are challenges. Being Deputy Prime Minister of Milton District High School is no exception. The biggest challenge I’ve faced since I was elected has been the time commitment. I’m forced to manage my time more effectively so I am able to successfully complete schoolwork, attend and plan Student Parliament and Principal’s Advisory Team meetings while also managing the various events that we’re running! I have to say I am very grateful to hold this position as I am sure it will help me grow and become capable of taking on more, both right now and later on in life.

Thank you to both leaders for taking out the time to answer our questions and their dedication to giving MD students a voice.

The student leaders celebrating their success!

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