MDHS October Athletes of the Month


Congratulations to Maryam Sheikh (Jr Girls Basketball), Maddie Robson (Sr Girls Basketball), Adeen Farooq (Jr Boys Volleyball), and Jake Kimmerer (Sr Boys Volleyball) who are October’s Athletes of the Month!

Maryam Sheikh (Jr Girls Basketball)


As a grade 9, Maryam is the captain of the junior girls basketball team. She leads the team on and off the court. Maryam was instrumental in the team’s win against Abbey Park earlier this month, rebounding well, while also playing amazing defense. She made an incredible 3-pointer with one second left before the half-time buzzer. Maryam plays every game with maximum effort!

Maddie Robson (Sr Girls Basketball)


Maddie has earned this award for her incredible commitment to the team, her relentless determination, and her ability to step up when she is Maddie is a competitor and an important member of the senior girls basketball team. needed. She works hard all the time, no matter if she is on the court, on the bench, or in between.

Adeen Farooq (Jr Boys Volleyball)


The junior boys volleyball team would not be the same this season without the athleticism, determination, and leadership from Adeen. On the court he is a fierce defender and hitter, always ready to play. As captain, he is a leader and helped the team to have a successful season in a tough Tier 1 league. He is an outstanding athlete with a great attitude. Way to go Adeen!

Jake Kimmerer (Sr Boys Volleyball)


Jake demonstrates outstanding leadership as a grade 12 on the senior boys volleyball team. He works extremely hard during practices and games, and always motivates his teammates. His excellent passing, strong hits from power, and consistent serves have helped the team all season long. Congrats Jake!

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