Deadmau5 visits MDHS!



Thanks to the incredible music program offered here at MD, international recording artist/DJ, Joel Zimmerman also known as Deadmau5, came on Wednesday November 4th to MDHS to speak to our very own Music and Audio Production Technologies SHSM students.

Zimmerman shared his personal stories of creativity and success as he inspired our students to be unique in their sound and who they are. He also advised that appealing to a crowd isn’t always the main priority, and emphasized that it’s important to make music for the love of it rather than the possibility of fame.


Joel Zimmerman gave valuable insight on the music industry. Photo: Metroland West Media Group.

Deadmau5 contacted Mr. Carson-Foster about this opportunity because he wanted to be able to help out in the community where he lives and he found the Music and Audio SHSM program at MDHS on Google. Not only did he provide insider tips to the students, but he has also donated audio equipment to the program.

Students were inspired and awestruck, and they await the next opportunity to rub shoulders with a music industry star.

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