Club Feature: DECA



Last year Gabrielle Monaghan, then a grade 9 student, took the initiative and started a chapter of DECA at MDHS with the help of Mr. Riggs. She shared her experience with us to encourage other Mustangs to join the fun.

What is DECA?

DECA is a program that offers students a chance to prepare for future careers in the business field.

What do you do?

You go to a competition and present a case study in front of a judge. There is also an exam prior to the competition. If you make it to the next competition you go to the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto for a 3 day competition, where you do an exam and present case studies.

During our weekly meetings at MD we discuss and learn how to do a good case study and the contents of our exams, as well as general business knowledge.

Has it helped you develop any special qualities?

It has helped me become more of a leader and take more initiative; it has also given me a lot of confidence! It also helped me with my presenting skills which are  essential no matter what field you enter.

Any highlights from last year?

My partner and I made it to the provincial competition in Toronto, which was very fun and taught me a lot. It was the experience of a lifetime! We hope to go again this year. It was great to get to know everyone in our chapter and the connections you make at these kind of events last forever.

A special message?

Never think you are too young to accomplish your goals. “If you dream it, you can do it”.  I started DECA knowing nothing about it… and now look where I am!

This year on November 3rd , MD’s DECA chapter took part in the Regionals competition at Hamilton Convention Centre. The entire chapter did a fantastic job and made MD proud. Congratulations to those who made it to Provincials! In the Individual Event, that includes Jen Foster. For the Team Events, that includes Nicole Wen and Gabrielle Monaghan, Kumyl Najeeb and Salman Khalid, and last but not least, Areeb Hassan and Maham Hasan.


Milton District’s DECA chapter at Regionals (Hamilton Convention Centre).

Well done everybody, and best of luck at Provincials!

If you would like to join MD’s DECA chapter next year, be sure to pay attention to the announcements and visit


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