Food Drive: Day 1

Each year, MD conducts a food drive to support local families during the holiday season. As incentive, a friendly contest is held between period one classes to see who can collect the most food.  The drive runs over two weeks and there are four weigh-in sessions.  This year’s first weigh-in was held Wednesday, Dec. 2.

Mr. Grant’s class is always the one to beat (though no one has in recent years).  This year, the field has opened up, as Mr. Grant does not have a period one class. (Let the games begin!)

Mr. Cannel’s grade 11 English class may be well positioned to not only win the competition, but possibly set a new record.

Adil Khalqi  has taken this challenge very seriously – but not to win the contest or to receive any awards.

Adil is very community-minded, works 20-25 hours a week at Tim Hortons, and has “everything [he] needs in life”. He has money put away for school, a phone, a nice watch, some clothes he likes.

One day last week, Adil arranged with Heather Fiorelli, one of the office admins, to have her come to No Frills and pick up some items that Adil had purchased for the food drive.

Little did Mrs. Fiorelli know what she signed up for.  Adil was waiting with his purchases, which cost him just under $300 of his own earnings.

All of the food was loaded into her car and she returned it to the school for unloading.  It was stored for a few days, prior to the food drive.


On the day of the weigh-in, several of Adil’s classmates helped transport it to the school’s main storage area, where it will remain until the end of the drive.


The result?

Over 600 pounds of food!

Adil hopes his gesture will motivate others to bring in some food (from all classes) to contribute to this excellent cause.

In case you’re wondering, Mr. Cannel’s class IS leading in the contest at this point.

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