Grade 10 Visit to St. Jacob’s Market


On November 12, grade 10 students went to St Jacob’s Market, Waterloo as a field trip for Food and Nutrition class. It was an entire day excursion where the students had complete freedom to explore countless vendors of delicious food, and a wide variety of imported goods


This is an example of the imported goods on sale at the market. There were many intriguing pieces available for purchase. From these exquisite sculptures, to jewelry, and even clothing, there was merchandise to catch the interest of anybody passing by.


The main attraction at the market was definitely the food. This view displays the bottom floor of the main building which was dedicated entirely to food. Irresistible aromas could be smelled all throughout the building and vendors provided free samples of their goods to all.


There were also outdoor vendors selling food at the market. The weather was not perfect, but that did not stop the buyers from obtaining their snacks.


Once everyone had their food, they could explore with their friends and have a good time. With all that delicious food, overeating was inevitable, and all the students came back to Milton District stuffed with great food!

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