An Interview with the Deputy Prime Minister


The school’s new student body leaders were elected this semester. Natalie Woodland was elected as Prime Minister, while Muqtasid Mansoor was elected as Deputy Prime Minister. Recently, the news team approached the new DP to find out more about him, the process of election, and parliament itself. Muqtasid is a Grade 10 student who is quite involved in extracurricular activities. Although slightly nervous, Muqtasid rose to the challenge, as he likes to push himself to do, given the extent of his involvement in a wide variety of activities here at the school.

A true politician, Muqtasid wanted his answers to all questions to be perfect, so he took the liberty of editing some after he had answered.

How were you elected?

“I was a candidate in the executive elections first. After that I applied for the position of Deputy Prime Minister and I was elected”.

Do you think the process was democratic?

“It is definitely democratic; anyone can apply for positions in parliament, and then you can also become the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister. The students were also able to vote in the elections”.

Many students are not aware that the school has a student parliament. What do you intend to do about that?

“Somehow get more people to know about us. Get the students involved in some sort of activity”.

What kind of relationship do you have with the Prime Minister? Would you say the two of you are close?

“I didn’t really know her before this year. I am still getting to know her”.

How often do the two of you discuss school issues?

“As they come, not just once a week”.

What would say are the primary issues faced by students at MD?

“ The school lacks spirit, and there is a lack of awareness”.

What other plans do you have for the school year?

“Get people involved; get them to do things that they care about.We are not sure of the specifics yet. We are still in the planning process”.

Why did you want to be a part of the school’s parliament?

“I want to be a part of the team that brings the school together. I wanted to do cool stuff”.


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