Football, Football, FOOTBALL!


That’s right, MD’s Junior football team dominated at  Halton Finals on November 20th after crushing the competition Bishop Reding 38-24 on Monday! The final game took place at McMaster University and a fan bus went to show their support for the team! They were joined there by supporting staff and family members of the players.

The team won by a landslide and later shook hands with the opposing team keeping true to the spirit of Mustang sportsmanship.

The photo below (Creds to Kitsyn Currie in grade 11) was of the winning touchdown to secure the victory.


Hard working though they are, the football team and their coaches balance seriousness and fun with their sense of humour. Mr Grant, in particular, knows how to lighten up football meetings with his stylish orange onesie. Keep on having fun, boys!

Coach Grant was thankful for the fans energy during the game.  “The team worked really hard, but it was the fans that pushed the players to really bring it in the end.”

Good job Mustangs! All the long hours of training and practices after school paid off, MD is very proud of their team!  We look forward to seeing you in action next season!


Photo courtesy of R. Bicchierai


The final play of the season!


‘Grant wearing a stylish outfit at a football meeting’. Caption and photo courtesy of S. Ramsay

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