Young Love


Our paths collide and our eyes meet

I feel a flush and something goes wrong with my heartbeat

Small talk, sly glances, silly smiles

We thought it would last a while

Walking on the beach, feeling sand tickle our feet

Tides wash away your footprints and we lose our beat

What happened to us? What went wrong?

Our shadows disappear like music,

but silence sings our song

We were always in harmony and tune

Now, we remain isolated,

and I curl up into a cocoon

I wish that things were different

Wish that we still felt the same spark, same current

Running through our bodies. My mind is addicted.

Are any parts of you inflicted?

We never said the “L” word, but I wanted to

Thoughts of you are haunting, I tell them to go

But, they say no

You have my life wrapped around your fingers

The funny thing is that you’re unaware

Falling for you is like fighting with hunger

Ten years later, you won’t even matter

‘Cause the world thinks our young love wasn’t supposed to last

And now it falters

I wanted to prove them wrong

But, in the end, I cracked

Now, I’m loving you goodbye,

Figuring out what we lacked

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