Green Screens Guest Speaker, Heather Govender!



Heather Govender. Photo courtesy of

On Monday, January 18, MD’s Eco-Club had the opportunity to speak with Heather Govender, an inspiring woman who has taken on a big challenge!

In October 2015, she challenged herself to create minimal landfill waste for an entire year. She carries a small plastic bag that she fills with the trash that is unavoidable and comes up with creative alternative methods to reduce her trash, for example she makes her own detergents and hygienic products, she also makes her own soy and almond milk using the raw ingredients to reduce trash (the plastic cap!) and recycling, which is a long process!

Heather talked to the Eco-Club about their outdoor classroom project and provided valuable advice on MD’s recycling issues. Her visit was amazing because of how informative and inspiring it was. Heather has invited every school in HDSB to take part in Halton’s Waste Challenge; stay tuned to see how MD participates in this initiative!

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