MD’s Computing Competition



On February 17, some of MD’s brightest wrote the Canadian Computing Competition for 2016, sponsored by University of Waterloo. Kyle Jones, a Grade 12 student, who wrote the Junior division of the test shared his experience with us.

“It started out easy enough, but the questions became more challenging!” said Kyle, a day after writing the test. He is excited to see his results, since he tried his best and knows this is a great learning opportunity. He was content with his attempt at these mind-boggling problems and even provided us with the test questions.

Kyle thought it was a great experience for him because it gave an insight into what university would be like for him. He was overwhelmed by the difficulty of the questions, however he would recommend writing this test to anyone who is planning on going to university or college for programming/computer.

Good luck to everyone who wrote the test, way to go Mustangs!

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