Grade 10 clases race to the movies to learn!


February is Black History month, and the Grade 10 English classes of Milton District High School are proudly celebrating this event and went to the movies on Friday, February 26 to educate themselves.


A shot from the film! ‘The Race’ is now in theatres. 

For educational purposes based on the history of black people and social justice, classes went to go see the new movie The Race which came out into theatres February 19, 2016. The Race  surrounds the story of Jesse Owens; the greatest track and field athlete in history. The movie is based during 1930-1936, the Hitler and Nazi Germany era. Through the racism he encounters from home and abroad as well as the supremist attitude of Nazi Germans, this movie highlights Jesse Owens’ road to becoming the fastest olympian in the world despite staggering odds.

This is a fun way to educate students on the hardships and complications that the black community faced before they took their rights and freedoms.

To learn more about The Race, please check out the movie trailer link posted below:

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