Hijab: What’s Up With That?


The Hijab is a philosophy which represents the idea of modesty that is essential to practicing Muslims. The headscarf worn by Muslim women is a physical manifestation of this ideology. After reading this I hope you will have a better understanding of the hijab.

Thanks to Hiba Siddiqui, a graduate of 2015 currently studying at Wilfrid Laurier, for providing her insights:

Q: What is the importance of the hijab?

A: The importance is to cover oneself, to preserve our modesty and beauty. I believe that the hijab helps me treasure and honour my beauty. Also, the hijab is not just for women, it is for men as well; since by definition, the hijab is a way of practicing modesty. The “hijab” or modesty of males is to lower their gaze and give women the respect they deserve; it also encompasses not talking about women in a derogatory manner. Hijab is the concept of modesty and the head-scarf worn by females is the embodiment of that.This also makes relationships in Islam sacred and beautiful. One of the reasons I love my religion and my hijab is because of the respect it gives me.

Q: Why do you wear the hijab?

A: I understand the importance of it and believe that it is a symbol of my modesty.

Q: Have you ever had any difficulties because of the hijab?

A: Not at all! I had some fear in the beginning about whether I would have problems with    acceptance but thankfully nothing has happened.

Q: Were you forced by your family?

A:  No, my family never forced me. They acknowledged that it is a personal choice and I am thankful for their respect and trust.

Q: How does it affect the way you see yourself?

A: The hijab has actually made me more confident and stronger. I feel happier and more comfortable with myself. I know that people judge me now for who I am instead of my physical appearance.

Q: Are you ever tempted to take it off?

A:  No, I am very happy with my choice. It makes me feel closer to God and my religion.

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