Volunteer Roadshow



The booths and their owners!

Roadshow! No no, not a touring show of performance, but a volunteer fair! On February 29th, the Annual Roadshow was held, in which many different volunteer coordinators shared their initiatives with our school community.

If you looked around at the roadshow you would’ve found many cool opportunities like “latitude” where you can help many people around the world. You would’ve also got some cool stuff like bookmarks, pencils, pens, and more!

Have you completed your 40 hours already? Well, if you haven’t, this was the event that would’ve really helped! Sometimes 40 hours can seem a lot, but volunteering at the right place can really inspire you. Trust me when I say that the first 40 hours seem  impossible to get, but any hours you get after that seem to roll in without you even realizing. The thing about community service is that if you can find a place that really suits you then you’ll be annoying the coordinators asking for more opportunities, just for fun.

Missed the Roadshow? Never fear! Volunteer opportunities can be found online at Volunteer Halton.


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