Grade 12s to be Published in Polar Expressions



Seven MDHS students are about to become published writers!

Last semester, some students from Ms Gleeson’s Grade 12 Writer’s Craft class entered the Polar Expressions short story contest. The writers submitted pieces no longer than 450 words to compete against students from all over the country.

Darian Ghaznavi, Morgan Beaton, Catherine Abes, Emily Wesseling, Rachel Luce, Vanessa Ng, and Anna Serafini have made it through the first round. Their stories will be published in In the Skies, which compiles all the short-listed stories from secondary school entrants. The next round of judging will determine the top three winners, who will receive a cash prize for themselves and their mentors as well as a free copy of their published work.

Congratulations to the published students, and best of luck in the final round!

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