What’s the Word?



Grease is the word! And also our school musical.

A lot of effort has gone into the play already. The students have invested a lot of their time and energy into the production. MDHS staff have also made a significant contribution, with seasoned faculty such as Ms Graham directing, Mr. Maule working on music, Ms Fitzsimmons choreographing dances, and Mrs. Macintyre working on props. Of course nothing can be done without Mrs. Francis, Ms St-Hilaire and some of the fashion students working tirelessly to make and alter costumes. All of these lovely people have been working hard to get the play in tip top shape for opening night.

With the first act blocked, most of the songs memorized, the big dance scene moving, props in the works, and costumes almost finished, the play is well on its way. The cast members are anxiously awaiting the performances, and are so full of energy during practices.

What’s more fun than seeing your classmates singing and dancing on stage in costumes? Nothing! Don’t miss out on your chance to see it. Tickets go on sale this Wednesday, during periods three and four. Also, show your support by breaking out the leather jacket for Dress Like a Greaser Day on Tuesday, May 3!

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