Grease is the word! (An Interview with Mrs. Graham)



From May 11- May 14th 2016, Milton District High School put on their rendition of the widely renowned play, Grease.  Whether it was the snaps from the T-Birds or the swish of the Pink Ladies scarves, the play was a huge success. The play was orchestrated by MDHS’ own drama teacher, Ms Graham. We chatted with her after it’s final performance this past Saturday night.

Why Grease?
I’ve done Grease before here at MD and decided to do it again because it is a great play for our students.  It revolves around high school, which is very familiar territory for the cast.  It is also a popular musical, so we knew we wouldn’t have much difficulty filling seats!

Favourite musical number?
My favourite number was “Freddy My Love”.  The Pink Ladies we cast all had lovely voices that blended nicely, so the harmony was excellent.  They also came up with some fun “back-up singer” moves which made it entertaining to watch as well.

Why the decision to use songs from the play versus the film?
The songs we chose were original to the stage play, which came before the movie.  The songs that were changed in the movie were written for the two leads specifically, and for the taste of the late 1970’s audience.  They were pop tunes without much of a blues or rock-like feel to them.  “Alone at the Drive-in” and “All Choked Up”  are much more representative of 50’s style music.

Will you ever put on another production [of Grease]?
Since I’ve already produced Grease twice now, I don’t think I could bring myself to do it a third time!  And Mr. Maule and I both decided this would be our last play.  I am here for another year, but plan to focus only on Improv next year.

Thank you Ms Graham for your time, and for putting on a spectacular final production!

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